How RaJa Digital Consulting is Revolutionizing the Marketing Game “Again” with Artificial Intelligence!

April 29th, 2023

RaJa Digital Consulting is excited to announce the release of their new suite of A.I.-powered advertising products and services. With many innovative products and automated marketing strategies, it is their most powerful release yet. Touting it as the ‘ultimate business automation solution, it’s featuring: A.I. lead generation which takes the mindless work of finding leads away from business owners, an A.I. retargeting engine that retargets site and landing page traffic to re-engage visitors that don’t convert into customers as-well-as up-sell to those who did buy. Their new offerings include both physical and A.I. content creation, interactive bots, A.I. bots, interactive video, streaming TV ads, cable TV ads, digital billboards, and more! In our opinion, there hasn’t been a more complete and relevant offering that we’ve seen from an agency in years.

They also have an Emmy award-winning design team and a scalable financial structure that caters to all businesses, both large and small. It has been built to help businesses survive, prosper, and thrive regardless of their current position in the market.

The company endeavors to use the latest in 2023 A.I. technology to get the maximum yield possible out of every Ad campaign. Specifically, products like RaJa360, for Lead generation, and Vision360, for retargeting potential customers using cutting-edge AI technology. It also provides a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. The CRM is a Done-for-You Business Automation system that automates workflows between departments or simply does everything for you automatically. Their tools include a seemingly endless array of business solutions that include, but aren’t limited to: Mobile /Web App development, and even a perfectly scalable POS System that grows with your company. RaJa Digital Consulting has really positioned themselves as a lead authority in the marketing arena by being a major player in A.I. solutions for businesses both small and great.

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