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⚠NEVER buy standard YouTube views for a YouTubeVEVO Video.⚠

⚠IMPORTANT: Do NOT under any circumstances purchase standard YouTube views for a Vevo video. It’s like filling your car’s tank with aeroplane fuel – something is bound to go wrong. Stay safe, stick with us!

⏱ Estimated Start Time: 0 – 24 Hours
⚡Day speed – 1-3K/D
💪Quality: Real CPM Revneu Earn Views
💪100% safe real Vevo views with guaranteed Likes and engagement included in the price.
🔰Lifetime Guarantee! -> (LOWEST DROP)!
🆕 Will Generate Revenue of 9$ from 20k Views Aprox ( if the video content is good)

⭐Enter Full Vevo Link ie:

What are Vevo Views?
Our Vevo views service is a slightly more expensive video promotion campaign that involves generating real views that satisfy high-quality requirements.

Vevo videos are not like standard YouTube videos – they require a specialised, higher-quality method of promotion as well as engagement via actual fans of the particular type of music, not to mention the language/culture of your music video.

What does “Vevo-safe views” mean
Vevo-safe views are generated by a method that’s palpable to the different algorithmic preferences of Vevo, in order to achieve a faster-than-usual accumulation of views by a particular video.

Obviously the retention needs to be high so a single view takes longer to occur which obviously requires that more views occur at the same time, but also the online sources of the views are more limited, as are the countries in which the Vevo.com version of the video can be viewed.

There’s a reason why our Vevo views are a little more expensive than our YouTube views. It’s not about us trying to make more money for the sake of it.

If you purchase cheap views from low quality providers (like the cowboys who used to sell a million views for just a couple of hundred dollars before YouTube’s September 2014 security upgrade, not to mention the new 2018 updates directly affecting Vevo vids!) then sorry to say it, but you deserve what you’ll get.

And then there’s the cowboys who put their prices up to the same as ours, and say their views are high-retention and completely safe, and it is quite simply not true.

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